Sports Guards & Night Guards

For many people, playing sports is an enjoyable pastime. However, those who engage in full-contact sports like basketball, martial arts, soccer, and others should take extra precautions to protect their teeth from potential injury. At Aster Dental Centre in NW Edmonton, our dental professionals may recommend the use of sports guards to protect your mouth during these activities. With the help of sports guards, you can prevent any tooth damage that may result from an unfortunate sports accident.

In addition to sports guards, we also offer custom-made night guards designed to protect your teeth from grinding during sleep. Although these guards cannot completely stop teeth clenching or grinding, they can effectively prevent the wear and tear that often results from these habits. Our NW Edmonton dental team can provide you with custom-made night guards to help you avoid any damage that may occur from teeth grinding while you sleep. By wearing these guards, you can safeguard your teeth and keep them healthy for years to come.